Sabrina Park Piano Practice Studio (Ewing, NJ)
A Community Resource-Sharing Project

Many of us enjoy playing the piano. But often, we need to use a digital piano with/without headphones for various reasons. Occasionally, we grab opportunities to play an acoustic piano, to enjoy its intricate key touch and natural sound. But there may not be as many such opportunities as we wish. There are some attractive piano studios in NYC (e.g., 244, Kaufman), but they are a little too far away for a casual visit from our area (Ewing, NJ).

In October 2016, we acquired a free vintage small/baby grand piano. It's not a concert grand and doesn't even sound as good as fine verticals. But amazingly, everything is working despite its age. And the feeling of engaging the grand action is delightful. Now, we are willing to share this piano with other people in the area on a limited basis. Here comes the idea of piano practice studio. In fact, this is the kind of opportunity we wanted before this acquisition. So, if you would like to play our piano (and don't need a superior one), you are welcome to the studio, where there are some other musical instruments as well. For example, the guests can try our Kawai digital piano (not on display in local music stores) and compare it with the baby grand. There is no charge associated with the use of the studio; but donations would be accepted.

Our piano needs to be tuned regularly (and maintained as needed). And we are doing at least some part of it ourselves. If you are interested in, please join our Piano Tuning/Maintenance Experiment.

Musical instruments and other relevant devices:

Studio availability:

The above list is subject to change without notice. Advance reservations are necessary. Due to unexpected conditions, there may be cases when we need to cancel reservations or ask the guests to leave.

Location: Ewing, NJ (near the intersection of Pennington Road and Charles Ewing Blvd.)

Donation: Again, donation is not necessary. However, if the guests are willing to contribute to the studio, we would accept donations, including unused musical instruments (we are also willing to purchase used instruments). Or, if the guests think that an opportunity like this is good for the community, rather than donating to us, they might want to come up with their own creative ideas. For example, someone might be able to start a community tool sharing program.

Note: Since the studio is part of a private residence, it needs to be used as such. In fact, the "studio" is just a living room and is not sound proof, actually, not even closed. And someone in the household will always be present. So, the sound from the instruments will be heard by us. At the same time, the guests may hear various household sounds, including the sound of cooking and cleaning. If the guests need to practice completely privately or without hearing other sounds, the digital piano with headphones can be used for that purpose. There is one more thing; the guests will be asked to take off their shoes.

Inquiry/Reservation: Please contact O. Guy preferably by email () or alternatively by phone (). For a reservation, we ask for (1) the guest's full name and (2) the emergency contact information such as a cell phone number. It is all right to cancel a reservation; however, we expect that the guest kindly notify us as soon as possible.

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Piano Practice Room in Ewing, NJ near Trenton and in Mercer County, New Jersey